Laura Axelrod

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Laura Axelrod

I Create.

My work focuses on beliefs – why people believe the things they do. Beliefs are the basis through which people create their reality and live in society.

Understanding why people have their beliefs is integral to uncovering our common humanity. How history, personal experiences and spirituality play a role in these beliefs serve as the foundation for my books, plays and films.

The Latest News

 Gasp is Back!

My blog, Gasp! A Moment to Moment Account of the Apocalypse is back.  It covers my work in books, theater and film. I might also write a few opinion pieces, as well as book reviews. Maybe. We’ll see how that goes. I do know it will be updated weekly – at the very least. Look for the first two entries:

Everybody In This House

A student from Dickinson High School Forensics who made the finals with a monologue from my play “Everybody in This House.” You can read more about the plays, or look for me at the National New Play Exchange.

A New Book Series

I’m working on a new historical series that looks at the impact of American politics on women. The series consists of books and plays. It takes place in various cities and towns across the United States.

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I’m not sure how I’m feeling about social media these days. That’s one reason I restarted my blog. But I can tell you that I would love to connect with you there, especially since I can’t deal with moderating comments on my blog. Got some thoughts? Here’s a few ways to reach me:

I tend to use Twitter the most and Facebook the least. I’m still working out Instagram. Hope to see you soon!