Organizing and Planning for 2016

Organizing Writing FilesIt’s shaping up to be a busy year. As I mentioned earlier, I spent much of 2015 organizing my writing from the past 20-25 years. It definitely got me out of the doldrums. I didn’t realize that I had written so much. Drafts and drafts of stories, plays, essays and poems are now tucked into colorful folders. I also created a corresponding filing system on my computer. All the duplicate drafts have been discarded. Documents trapped in out of date software have been opened and updated into PDF files.

The result is that I feel more in control.

As I combed through my work, I was careful not to get tied up in sentimentality. I didn’t read every draft or reminisce about where I was when I wrote it. Although my memories of writing were sometimes quite vivid, I chose to ignore that and move forward. Keep it moving, keep it moving.

My next step was to place work into the following piles: Projects to work on, Possibilities, Scraps and Completed. All stories, plays, essays and poems fit into these categories. How best to determine what went where? I went on my gut feeling. A part of me knew what had potential and what was best left behind.

The result is that I now have a list of projects I will work on, probably for the next few years.

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