Selected Plays

Searching for the Sign
Full-Length Play – Dramedy
Tales from inside an Alabama coffeeshop
Reading at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2013
Honorable Mention in American Blues Theater’s 2013 Blue Ink Playwriting Award.

Everybody In This House
50 Minute Play – Drama
A play about a crisis of faith and domestic violence.
Productions at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco. Published by Original Works. 

War is Kind
Full-Length Play – Historical Drama
A group of young women in 1968 face choices that will change their lives.
Reading at Austin Scriptworks, Austin State Theater. 
The play was the basis of Project 1968. 

A One-Act Play – Comedy
A light-hearted look at helicopter parenting and beauty pageants.
Honorable Mention at The Second Annual Ohio State Newark New Play Contest. 

“Laura Axelrod’s superbly written play is totally uncompromising.”
– The Stage, Edinburgh, Scotland

Selected Monologues

A 10-minute play
When church and state meet, foundations are cracked.
In development.

Eye Level

A woman from Brooklyn flirts with another female subway passenger. 
Produced by Imua Theatre Company at the Red Room, NYC. 

The Energy of Location
A psychic looks at the effects of 9/11.

Read at Afterimages at Dixon Place, NYC. 

Absence of Light
A Performance Poem
The story of an abusive relationship and breakdown.

Performed at Venue 9, San Francisco with choreography.