Becoming Colonel CullmannBecoming Colonel Cullmann

Larry Rowlette is not from Cullman, Alabama. He doesn’t live there now; yet he spends an extraordinary amount of time portraying the town’s founder, Colonel Cullmann. He isn’t even paid. So why does he do it?

A DVD copy of “Becoming Colonel Cullmann” is now available. It features the 15-minute film with 90-minues of extras, including:

  • Sidewalk Film Festival Version (17 minutes)
  • Q & A about The Colonel (5:31)
  • The Making of the Hay People short (1:59)
  • Full Interview with The Colonel (25:20)
  • Full Interview with Larry Rowlette (18:59)
  • Full Interview with Public Historian Annette Laing (27:00)

Available for purchase on our website, Becoming Colonel Cullmann.

Laura Axelrod Poetry BookA Measuring Cup of Balances
by Laura Axelrod

This book contains early poems and monologues exploring topics of love and abuse. It contains the autobiographical poem, Absence of Light, which traces the journey of escape, recovery and discovery. Other Women features a collection of women’s monologues. A woman from Brooklyn flirts with another woman in “Eye Level.” A mother competes with her teenage daughter in “The Beginning.” Work from this collection was performed in New York City and San Francisco.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Everybody In This House Laura AxelrodEverybody In This House
by Laura Axelrod

A play about a crisis of faith and domestic violence.
Mary Turner visits Father O’Donnell for counseling. She tries to talk to him about her troubled marriage. He brushes her away, telling her to be a better wife. Two weeks later, on Good Friday, he must come to terms with the results of his actions.

Available for purchase by Original Works and Amazon.