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Pine Cone on the Path copyIt seems as though I’m still finding the groove on my own blog. That’s comparable to what’s happening in my life. The year 2016 is a transition time for so many people I know. Rather than talking about changing our lives, we’re doing the work.

I’m working on being a bit more open and transparent on this site. I’ve been secretive about the projects I’ve devoted so much time on over the past year. It won’t always be like this. In the next few weeks I will have an announcement that will mark a significant career milestone. It’s very exciting – and also a little scary. I’m dying to talk about it but I can’t yet. Soon. Very soon.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a photo of a pine cone on the path. I took the photo today. It reminds me to stay present while looking ahead. Don’t be deterred by what you can’t see. Some things are best left unknown for a bit.

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